About Us

Kailpot Press is an independent book publisher.  Our first book was The Origins of a Parish..  The book has been recently updated and a second edition is now available.  

Peter Rafferty's translations of Jules Laforgue are a towering achievement.  In the words of Dr Valentina Bold, 'This is poets' poetry,  and I thoroughly recommend reading it.’

'Literary lion' Kevin Crossley-Holland has chosen Kailpot Press to publish his new poem sequence 'Seahenge: A Journey'.

David Craig's retrospective and personal collection, 'Paradise and Wilderness' was published on 1st August 2019.

Christopher Pilling's wonderful 'Swallowing Spiders' was published in 2022.

Seahenge: A Journey is now available as an Apple Book.

An exciting new collection is to be published in 2024. More details soon.

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To obtain copies of our books most online stores have them and some with discounts and free delivery. Many independent book stores also have copies for you to look at too.  Go to the Ordering Books page for links.

SWALLOWING SPIDERS by Christopher Pilling is now avaialble on Amazon.


1st MARCH 2022 

SEAHENGE: A JOURNEY is now published in Apple Books as a read-aloud book with poetry narrated by Kevin Crossley-Holland.   £6.99 in UK and available in 51 Apple stores worldwide.


SWALLOWING SPIDERS by Christopher Pilling